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  • Wellness Coaching Certification
    Earn your CWC℠ designation as a Certified Wellness Coach℠ with one of the most respected providers in the industry.
  • Health Wellness Coach
    Simplify your life as a Wellness Coach while professionally and securely tracking your clients (and much more).
  • Wellness Coach
    Enhance your value (as well as your revenue and client outcomes) with everything you need to run your business and provide your clients with high-end tools and resources for as little as $5/client/month!

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Could Your Coaching Practice Use A Catalyst?

  • Your Own Professional Website
  • Customization Options
  • Personal Wellness Portal For Your Clients
  • Professional Email Address
  • Secure (& HIPAA-Compliant Ready) Hosting
  • Professional Client Notes System
  • Electronic Client Scheduling System
  • Mobile Apps
  • High-end Logo
  • Premium Customer Service & Tech Support
  • Team / Individual Challenges For Clients
  • Goal Setting Tools
  • Appointment Reminder System For Clients
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Fitness & Nutrition Trackers
  • Client Management System
  • Client Billing / Collection Assistance

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  1. Are your credibility and professionalism evident to both clients and potential clients from your very first email communication to your program roll-out?
  2. Is the web portal you utilize with your clients HIPAA compliant ready and does it insure confidentiality?
  3. Does that web portal portray the professional image a highly competent wellness coach would utilize?
  4. Do you and your clients have access to a high-end Health Risk Assessment to easily integrate into your practice?
  5. Is your client note-keeping system secure and easy to use?
  6. Does your client portal system provide various trackers and team challenges that enhance your value as a coach in the marketplace?
  7. Would it be helpful to have access to a resource that allowed you more time in the day for what's most important (such as an on-line scheduling system that would allow clients to schedule themselves around times you make available)?
  8. Would you be stunned to find out you could have all of this and more for just $5/client/month?

Welcome to the Wellness Coach Catalyst

This is the home for professional wellness coaches across the globe who have made the decision to build a real wellness coaching business (rather than a low-paying hobby). You understand that building a successful business requires a passion for the pursuit, but it also involves hard work, a clear vision and a variety of critical tools and resources. The benefits of building your own independent wellness coach business are many, ranging from the freedom of creating your own schedule to the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of those around you and the financial benefits that come with pursuing this journey successfully. was created to provide professional wellness coaches with all of the tools and resources necessary to build and grow a successful business. You will have access to many of the tools and resources utilized by some of the most respected employee wellness providers anywhere. However, through the Wellness Coach Catalyst, you'll have these available for yourself and your clients at a tiny fraction of the cost involved in building them from the ground up. Almost immediately after joining us, you'll be able to present yourself to both individuals and organizations as a high-end wellness provider. And amazingly, you can get started today for as little as $5/client/month plus a nominal $49 for your user license.

Whether you're new to the business and are ready to earn your CWC℠ designation as a Certified Wellness Coach℠ or if you're already a highly trained coach and simply need the tools and resources to grow your business, the Wellness Coach Catalyst has it all, at an investment level that will cause you to look twice (or likely even three times) to confirm everything you're receiving so many valuable resources for such a small investment.

You focus on providing exceptional coaching. We’ll take care of the rest.



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