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Archive for June 2012

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!

If you’ve ever seen the television show “Friday Night Lights,” you’ll remember the phrase the coach and players would say before every game:  “Clear Eyes… Full Hearts… Can’t Lose!” It was a powerful exclamation for the team, but it might be even more powerful for you as […]

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Defending Your Time as a Wellness Coach

You’re an independent wellness coach.  You help change lives.  But for every client you serve, there are multiple other components that infringe on your time.  Marketing… Paperwork… Website development… Financials… Program design… Creating resources for your clients… and on and on and on.  In order to run […]

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Finding Clients for Your Business

As a wellness coach, you provide an incredible service that has the potential to change many, many lives for the better.  But before we can help change those lives, the first step is finding clients for your business.   There are many ways in which to enhance […]

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