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The decision you’re about to make to either launch or further build your own wellness coaching business is a very, very important one, and not a decision that should be taken lightly. Why partner with Wellness Coach Catalyst as you move forward? The following provides a few of the aspects that may be important to you, both today and well into the future…

We’ve been there

Here at the Wellness Coach Catalyst, we understand – because we’ve been there. In fact – we’re still there. The Executive Team is comprised of the same individuals who launched US Corporate Wellness back in early 2007. Since that time, the organization has served thousands upon thousands of clients on a personal level and has been recognized internationally for our “one size fits one” approach to helping move individuals in positive directions with their health and wellness (and in the process providing a high ROI to employers).

Credibility and Trustworthiness

As one of only a handful of national firms to earn Full Accreditation through URAC as a Comprehensive Wellness Provider, we know what it takes to build the most effective strategy for clients of all sizes, industries and geographic locations. In addition, we are recognized as a Premier Provider by WELCOA and have the top rating available through the Better Business Bureau.

Our CEO is the author of Thompson Publishing’s latest book titled Employee Wellness: Implementing a High ROI, High Impact Strategy

Education and Training Backgrounds

Our Executive Team brings an educational background that includes Physical Therapy, Counseling, Business Administration, Psychology, Athletic Training, and Occupational Therapy from schools such as Washington University School of Medicine, Rhodes College, Colorado Christian University, University of St. Augustine, Colorado State University and the University of Colorado. Our CEO, Brad Cooper, has spoken professionally in all 50 states to organizations ranging from the Olympic Training Center to the Society for Human Resource Managers, the US Navy and the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Living out the Mission

We’re far from perfect, but we are all actively pursuing our own health and wellness journeys on a daily basis. Yes – we’re actually doing our best to model healthy lifestyles in our own lives and families – and not just talking about it. We’re runners, hikers, skiers, triathletes, tennis players, cyclists, swimmers… and pretty doggone healthy eaters. We believe it’s important to walk the walk when it comes to helping change the world for the better.

Be Well... Do Good