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Am I Ready?

Important question to ask before you commit to this new journey.  Check the box for each statement to which you can answer in the affirmative.

  • I have a minimum of 10 hours/week (consistently) to commit to my new business.
  • I’m realistic enough to understand that growing a successful business doesn’t happen overnight, and I have other resources for living expenses while growing my business.
  • I’m committed to modeling a healthy lifestyle for my clients (not a perfect lifestyle, but one where I’m pursuing positive healthy choices consistently).
  • I’m willing to learn and try new things in order to build the best possible wellness company.
  • I have a support system (friends/family) to help keep me going when I hit a rough patch or things don’t go as smoothly as they do in the movies.
If you answered “no” to more than 1 of the above, we would encourage you not to pursue this opportunity at this time.  And, for any questions that were answered “no,” (even if just one), we would encourage you to think through what you could change, adjust or pursue that would allow you to answer in the affirmative to all 5 of the “start-up success” assessment questions.