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Be Well… Do Good

The concept of “Be Well… Do Good” has always been central to our organization.  Pursuing a state of well-being is clearly valuable, but it was never intended to stand alone.  Rather, good health allows us greater opportunities to do good things for those around us!  It provides more energy to help others, reduces both the time and financial resources often devoted to sickness, and provides a brighter outlook on life that allows us to look for opportunities to lend a hand to a neighbor.  The goal of being well isn’t simply to “be well.”  Rather, the goal of being well is to allow us to do more good in the world!  The founders of the Wellness Coach Catalyst have made it their goal to model this by living out this mission in practical ways.  10% of our profits are consistently dedicated to this pursuit.

We’d love to hear your stories of how “being well” has indeed provided you with an enhanced opportunity to “do good!”