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Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!

If you’ve ever seen the television show “Friday Night Lights,” you’ll remember the phrase the coach and players would say before every game:  “Clear Eyes… Full Hearts… Can’t Lose!” It was a powerful exclamation for the team, but it might be even more powerful for you as an independent Wellness Coach.

One of the most critical aspects for any business owner/entrepreneur, but especially an independent wellness coach, is “clear eyes.”  Our vision must be absolutely dialed in.  We must be clear about our target market (individuals?  small companies? medium sized companies?) and how we’re going to differentiate ourselves from both our direct (other wellness coaches) and indirect (web based systems, health clubs, etc) competition.

“Full hearts” is rarely a problem for any independent wellness coach I’ve ever met.  This is a special group of individuals, typically with energy and enthusiasm that exceeds the normal population by a standard deviation or two.  The key is maintaining that “full heart” when business slows – or doesn’t grow as quickly as expected.  Keeping the head up when a marketing strategy falls flat or a speaking engagement turns out to be less than optimal.  Consistency over time is the key in our business.

Which leaves us with the final part of the statement.  The point is, it’s a math problem.  IF we have clear eyes AND we combine it with full hearts, part three is inevitable.  So wellness coaches, let’s start off this glorious day with “Clear Eyes… Full Hearts… CAN’T LOSE!”

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