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Does Wellness Coaching Focus on Nutrition and Exercise?

This morning, I had the opportunity to sit in on one of our wellness coaching certification training programs, focusing on stress management.  That’s right – a topic that didn’t involve nutrition or exercise as part of the certified wellness coach process.  For many of you reading this, it will come as no surprise that this topic is considered one of the Core courses required as part of certification.  You understand that stress – which is actually valuable when balanced out with adequate recovery – has a notable impact on many of the other components your clients are facing.  In fact, we’ve found it to be the single most discussed topic between wellness coaches and their clients.

Regardless of the focus of your practice in the field of wellness, you may benefit from  incorporating other areas that some may consider “non-traditional” (at least on first glance).  Your clients – and your overall outcomes – will likely both be enhanced.

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