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Frequently Asked Questions

Many excellent questions from coaches around the globe in reference to our tools, resources and Coaching Institute.  Here are some of the most common for your review.  However, please feel free to reach out directly to us ( if you would like any further details.

Isn’t the web portal you have available for our clients just like other sites that are already available to our clients?
Some of the tools available on our site will certainly overlap the various trackers available elsewhere.  And those might work just fine for you if your coaching is primarily a hobby.  However, this system allows you to make them YOUR tools, available as part of your wellness coaching services, bringing far more value under one roof (the roof of your wellness coaching business) than if you were to refer clients elsewhere.  Your clients can also be confident that the information they enter is confidential and tied only to what they’re doing with you as their coach.

More importantly, by utilizing the Catalyst services, there’s a natural link between you and your client.  As their personal wellness coach, you’ll be the only person in the world who can view their journal, goals, progress, nutrition or fitness tracker information, etc.  But it gets even better!  You can actually tag specific resources (from our extensive wellness library of over 1,500 articles) for your clients directly.  Then, the next time they go into their wellness journal, those items will be highlighted for them as items you selected specifically for them.

The high end Health Risk Assessment is also an extremely valuable aspect to the site.  This tool will allow you and your client to create an initial snapshot of their overall health and wellness status.  It provides you with a great deal of credibility out of the gate with your client, and allows the two of you to design a roadmap going forward.  But rather than your client having to send you the results, you’re able to view the results (and ensuing updates as they make improvements) directly from your administrative portal.

Possibly the most important aspect to you as a coach is your ability to leverage your time, and thus grow your business more rapidly and more effectively.  If you build your business around the $$/hr model, you hit a ceiling very quickly.  However, if you’re offering a package of services to your clients that include tracking, goal tools, individual competitions, HRA, coaching, and anything else you’d like to include under your organizational umbrella, you’re able to provide an enhanced value to your clients and as a result, increase your overall revenues.

How much does this comprehensive service cost?
We’ve set up the Wellness Coach Catalyst resources to (hopefully) provide you with the best chance to succeed as an independent wellness coach.  We’ve limited the start-up cost (just $99 to get everything from your customized email, web portal URL and Health Risk Assessment linkage set up) so you’re not facing a large expense to get started.  Then, we’ve almost eliminated your monthly overhead (just $49/month for professional coach membership) so you can access the tools and resources while you’re out there in the early stages of building your business.  And finally, we’ve created a client access payment schedule that allows you to completely control your marginal expenses (paying only $5/month for each client with an ability to increase or decrease that number at anytime so you’re not paying for services that you’re not utilizing).

So – to put this all into real numbers, you will pay a one-time registration/set-up fee of $99.  Then, each month, you’ll pay as little as $5/client/month for full access ($49 + $5) that will allow you to demonstrate your tools and resources to clients and potential clients.

Why should I pursue my CWC℠ as a Certified Wellness Coach℠?
There are two primary reasons to pursue your Certified Wellness Coach designation – Competence and Credibility.  Regardless of your background, you will significantly enhance your competence as a wellness coach through the process of earning your CWC.  We incorporate in a comprehensive approach to your training that not only includes traditional lecture, but also practical application and work with a mentor coach.  In addition, your credibility will be greatly enhanced.  You are not required to earn your certification in order to be a wellness coach, and there are individuals at every turn who are attempting to build their business without the certification.  However, all other things being equal, your certification will provide you the additional credibility needed in order to effectively compete in the industry.  It provides your clients and potential clients with an immediate indication that you know your stuff – and that an outside organization has confirmed that competency and provided you with the official designation.

Do I have to earn my certification through the Catalyst Coaching Institute in order to access your coaching services?
You do not.  The Catalyst Coaching Institute and the Catalyst Coaching Services are separate.  You are welcome to become one of our professional member coaches even if you have not completed our certification.

Do you help us grow our business?
If you’re not successful, then we won’t be successful either.  So while growing your business is obviously primarily up to you, we’ll provide resources along the way to help out.  For example, once you’ve become a professional member coach, you can request our document on “7 Key Steps to Growing Your Business” or another that covers “How to Charge for Your Wellness Coaching Services” that will help you identify some of the critical elements that will allow you to build and grow your business the right way out of the gate.

If this doesn’t work for me, am I stuck with a long term commitment?
Absolutely not.  You’ll pay a one-time start-up fee of just $99 plus the standard monthly charge. From then on, it’s one month at a time.  If you’re not receiving value from the services, you can discontinue at any time.

How do I get started?
Easy.  Just click the “Join Now” button and complete the requested information.  We’ll then receive confirmation of your membership and within 24-48 hours, you’ll receive everything you need to access and begin utilizing your new professional email address, market your own site as your own, and begin demonstrating your capabilities to your clients and future clients.  You will literally be up and running with your high-end wellness business in less than 48 hours without spending tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours developing your web portal.  We think you’ll be impressed.  But as noted above – if you’re not, you can discontinue at any time without owing another penny.  Questions?  Contact us anytime at  Thank you!