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Leverage – The Secret to a Successful Wellness Coaching Business

As an independent wellness coach, there is one word that is an absolute must if you’re wanting to run a successful business.  That word?  Leverage.

In the beginning, most coaches focus on… coaching (of course).  Over time, this results in an equation that eventually works against you if you desire to move beyond simply “coaching” and would like to actually build a wellness “coaching business.”  For example, if you charge $75/month for your coaching (and this number is completely made up for the sake of this example – your rate may be far more or less than this figure) and it’s focused around a monthly interaction, two things happen.

The first is that you eventually run out of time, and your revenue is capped.  You eventually run out of hours in a day.

The second is that your clients begin doing the math in their head (“hmmm – we talk for about 20 min each time and I’m paying $75/month, so I’m basically paying $225/hour!”).  Now, any coach will tell you that’s ridiculous, because there is MUCH more that goes into the coaching than just the interaction time.  But your client may not see that.

However, if you’re able to effectively leverage your time, both of these issues are resolved.  Leveraging is all about expanding your VALUE beyond your direct time invested with your client.  For example, our professional member coaches provide each of their clients with a high end web portal and Health Risk Assessment (HRA).  As part of that access, there are a HUGE number of benefits the client will receive.  And here’s the important part – those benefits are received WITHOUT any (or with very, very little) additional time invested on your part.  So your value expands, without you having to peel out any additional hours from your schedule to provide that value.

Effective and personalized coaching is the most important part of what you do.  That should never change.  However, if you are able to leverage off of that critical centerpiece, you’ll effectively build an actual business, and not just a job…

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